1) The Inaction Grant was created in August 2011, following a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Banque Vincent Bergerat, made up of two members, Matthieu Charon (whose advice lead to the creation of this board) and myself.

2) The Inaction Grant's only goal is to ease the continuation of a certain form of inaction, and this for a duration of three months. Persons expected to be awarded this grant will have proven beforehand their capacity not to take action without the help of any grant.
To be more precise, the persons for whom this grant has been created are similar to the ones described by Jean-Yves Jouannais in his essay Artistes sans œuvres (Éd. Hazan, 1997). These persons also closely resemble the one person for whom the Inaction Grant was designed, the one whose life inspired it and still does, and whose identity will remain secret until its effective awarding. This person, embodying the "standard", will - later - lend his name to the Inaction Grant.

3) The Inaction Grant is awarded whenever possible, whenever the following two factors are combined: the perfect candidate, and the Grant itself. A person - however extreme and permanent his or her degree of inactivity might be, cannot be awarded twice. Furthermore, members of the board and their families cannot be awarded the Inaction Grant.

4) The Inaction Grant recipients are chosen by the Banque Vincent Bergerat's Board of Directors.

5) The fact that it is an Inaction Grant immediately disqualifies anyone who officially applies for it.

6) The Inaction Grant does not reward any project. After the three months have passed, the recipient may be asked to provide an inactivity report; the latter, without refusing, may fail to produce this document - continuing beyond the grant, his or her inaction. In the very unlikely case that this request should be honoured, the report would obviously mark the tangible end of inactivity.

7) Why The Inaction Grant ?
Why why ?

8) Financing: the Inaction Grant will be financed via private or public organisms whose hyperactivity stands out.